TIFR-GS (CAM) Interview Experienceby Sayan Dutta

TIFR-GS (CAM) Interview Experience by Sayan Dutta

Hello readers. I am Parveen Chhikara. I am with an impressive Bengali guy, Sayan Dutta. He is currently at IIT Bombay, pursuing his masters. I got in contact with him when he was active at Facebook & WhatsApp, helping students for their queries. At the first outset, I was impressed by his problem-solving skills along with his answers replied patiently.

Sayan appeared for TIFR GS-2016 (Integrated Ph.D. in mathematics) interview at Bengaluru. When I asked him to publish his interview experience, he readily agreed. Sayan explains nearly everything about his interview, in detail, which is really a thankful job. It would definitely help a lot of students.

To see the interview experience, Click here


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